PhD Research - Nicol Parker

BA Chemistry, BA Biology, Adrian College

Nicol’s doctoral research focuses on predictive modeling of contaminants in the environment. Using these models, she seeks to investigate potential for localized contaminant hotspots and to determine regional characteristics that increase the accumulation and risk associated with pollutants. Nicol seeks to explore improved methods to account for variability in the distribution of contaminants as related to the physiochemical properties of pollutants, environmental characteristics, waste management practices, and climate. She has previously worked as a water analyst for Spicer Group, a Civil Engineering Firm, to monitor urban runoff pollution and provide recommendations as related to the construction of improved stormwater infrastructure. At Spicer Group, she also worked with lake owners and organizations to implement practices for reducing algal blooms associated with excess nutrient runoff. Prior to her work with Spicer Group, Nicol was awarded with a research fellowship at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, where she worked with real-time monitoring efforts for the detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in aquatic and sediment compartments utilizing bioassays.

Year Admitted: 2017
Research Areas:
Nanomaterials, Pesticides, Fate and Transport, Risk, Contaminant Release
Faculty Advisor: Arturo Keller
Office: Bren Hall 3424