PhD Research - Owen Liu

BS, MS Earth Systems, Stanford University

Marine resources around the world are under immense human and environmental pressures. I am a spatial and fisheries ecologist interested in how relationships within and among species inform how we can better manage marine ecosystems and resources. I use a combination of computer modeling and fieldwork to investigate how basic species' traits like fertility and growth rate, and interactions between species like competition and predation, combine with human pressures to determine the structure and function of marine ecological communities.


Year Admitted: 2014
Research Areas: Marine Ecology, Fisheries Science, Marine Spatial Planning
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines

Office: Marine Science Institute 1208

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Liu, O.R., Thomas, L., Clemence, M., Fujita, R., Kritzer, J. P., McDonald, G., and Szuwalski, C. (2016). An evaluation of harvest control methods for fishery management. Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture.

Kritzer, J. P., and Liu, O.R. (2013). Fishery management strategies for addressing complex spatial structure in marine fish stocks. In Cadrin, S.X. et al. (eds.), Stock Identification Methods: Applications in Fisheries Science, 2nd Edition. Academic Press.

Fellowship Awards

  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2014-