PhD Research - Patrick Callery

MBA UC Berkeley, MA Economics UC Santa Barbara, MS Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan, BS Mechanical Engineering Boston University

Corporate sustainability is increasingly becoming a mandatory component of corporate strategic management. Innovative firms apply social and environmental sustainability strategies not only for stakeholder and regulatory risk management, but also to improve organizational outcomes and generate returns to shareholders – feeding the proverbial triple bottom line. Patrick’s research examines both external incentives for firms to engage in strategic provision of social and environmental goods and internal behavioral strategies to harness sustainability motivations among employees and the supply chain. In his work, he seeks to extend theory from the disciplines of strategic management and behavioral economics through unique field experiments and robust empirical analyses rooted in applied microeconomics. Through an improved understanding of the motivations of corporations to engage in strategic sustainability and resulting behaviors, he seeks to inform strategic corporate innovation as well as improved policy interventions and public awareness of corporate environmental impacts.

Year Admitted: 2012
Research Areas:
Strategic management, corporate sustainability, technology and innovation, business economics
Faculty Advisor:
Matthew Potoski
Office: Bren Hall 3021

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