Name Dissertation Title
Degrees Conferred 2018
Andrew Ayres The Common Pool, Extraction Restrictions, and the Costs of Collective Action: Three Essays on the Economics of Groundwater Management
Patrick Callery The Role of Information and Incentives in Voluntary Corporate Provision of Public Goods
Dan Ovando Of Fish and Fishermen: Using Human Behavior to Improve Marine Resource Management
Jessica Perkins Improving the Usefulness of Environmental Information for Decision Making in Organizations
Yuwei Qin Characterizing Uncertainties in Life Cycle Assessment
Daniel Viana Management and Design of Marine Reserves and Rights-Based Management Systems in Small-Scale Fisheries
Degrees Conferred 2017
Erendira Aceves Designing spatially explicit property rights for moving fish
Xioli Chen Factors affecting the streamflow and in-stream nitrate concentration in semi-arid areas: sub-surface flow-generation, vertical distribution of soil nitrate and drainage properties, and the connectivity of impervious areas
Alex DeGolia Choosing Green: Explaining motivations across different environmental behaviors
Matthew Fienup Unintended Consequences of Environmental Policies: The Case of Urban Growth Controls
Rebecca Gentry Marine Aquaculture Development: Spatial Management, Conservation Opportunities, and Production Potential
Ian McCullough Exposure and sensitivity of ponderosa pine to climate change in mountainous western North American landscapes
Matthew Meyers Fluvial Processes Affecting the Texture of a Gravel Bed with an Emphasis on Salmon Spawning Habitat
Oliver Soong Vegetation Establishment Following Floodplain Restoration in Mediterranean-climate California
Sarah Valencia Integrating Marine Reserves into Data-Poor Fisheries Management: Challenges and Opportunities
Degrees Conferred 2016
Darcy Bradley Improving the management of marine top predators: population characteristics, behavior, and extinction risk
Kendra Garner Fate, transport, exposure and environmental implications of engineered nanomaterials
Julia Glenday Assessing hydrologic impacts of watershed degradation and restoration at different landscape positions in a semi-arid, mountainous water-supply catchment
Yuxiong Huang Novel magnetic nanoparticle adsorbents for organic and inorganic contaminants
Bryan Leonard The role of transactions costs in shaping the emergence and persistence of property rights regimes and their subsequent implications for sustainable resource use and environmental markets
Kyongho Son The importance of sub-watershed variability on predicting ecohydrologic response to inter-annual climate veriability and climate warming in the Sierra Nevada watersheds
Sara Sutherland The economics of political participation and distribution in fisheries management
Degrees Conferred 2015
Adeyemi Adeleye Influence of microorganisms and extracellular polymeric substances on the fate of engineered nanomaterials in natural aquatic systems
Joe Bergesen Technological change in the life cycle assessment of rapidly expanding greenhouse gas mitigation technologies: case studies on thin-film photovoltaics and LED lighting
Jon Conway
Fate, transport, and implications of engineered nanomaterials in the terrestrial environment"
Laura Dee Managing ecosystem services in the face of uncertainty: what is the role of biodiversity?
Eric Fournier The life cycle energy-water usage efficiency of artificial groundwater recharge via the reuse of treated wastewater
Steve Miller Adaptations to changes in environmental conditions and policies
Lindsey Peavey Uncovering the ecology of a cryptic oceanic consumer: the olive ridley sea turtle
Yi Yang Life cycle assessment of agricultural systems with an emphasis on marginal changes, technological advances, and regional characteristics
Degrees Conferred 2014
Eric Edwards Three Essays on the Economics of Groundwater Management Institutions
Sheetal Gavankar Proactive comprehensive environmental assessments of emerging products and services under the conditions of inadequate and conflicting information, and communication of resulting uncertainties to non-expert audiences.
Blair Goodridge Nitrogen dynamics in coastal watersheds, beaches, and the nearshore ocean in the Santa Barbara, California, region
Randall Mielke Nanomaterials' Influences on the Emergence of Life and their Toxic Effects on Bacteria and Protozoa
Rebecca Toseland Three Essays on the Economics of Fisheries Management
Lorena Vieli Landscape Effects on Crop Pollination Services
Trevor Zink Net Green: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility
on the Natural Environment and Employee Satisfaction
Degrees Conferred 2013
Erin Bray Physical Controls to Hydrologic Exchange and Heat Fluxes at Different Scales in a Large Lowland River
Mary B. Collins Toxic “Outliers” and “Mainstreamers”: A Facility-Based Analysis of the Predictors of Pollution-Related Health Risk Intensity
Zack Donohew Collective Action and Institutions: The Emergence of Groundwater Governance
Shannon K. Hanna Implications of engineered nanomaterials in marine coastal ecosystems fate, transport, and toxicity
Patrick Jantz Dynamic Metropolitan Landscapes: Residential Development and Vegetation Change in the U.S.
Annelen Kahl Reconstruction of Heterogeneous Snow Water Equivalent from MODIS Imagery and Energy Balance Modeling
Trevor O'Grady The Interaction among Economics, Geography, and Natural Resource Institutions.
Conrado Rudorff Flooding and carbon dynamics on the lower Amazon floodplain
Jaime Sainz Santamaria Water Policy: elections, protest, and institutions
Degrees Conferred 2012
Ned Bair Fracture Mechanical and Statistical Properties of Avalanches that Fail on Nonpersistent Snow Crystals
Tal Ben-Horin Withering Syndrome and the Future of Southern California Abalone fisheries
Kristin Carden The Legal, Ecological, and Economic Landscapes for Rights-based Fishery Management in the United States
Chris Guo Three Essays on Uncertainty, Learning and Experimentation in Environmental Economics
Allison Horst Bacterial Exposure to Metal-oxide Nanoparticles: methods, physical interactions, and biological effects
Matthew Kay Community-based Fisheries Research on California Spiny Lobster (Panulirus Interruptus) at the Santa Barbara Channel Islands
Theresa Nogeire Wildlife Habitat Use in Agriculture-dominated Landscapes
Karl Rittger Spatial Estimates of Snow-Water Equivalent in the Sierra Nevada on Stream Flow Forecasting
Catherine Shields Ecohydrologic model uncertainty and application in an urban environment the RHESSys model in Mission Creek
Dongxu Zhou Impact of Solution Constituents, Natural Stimuli, and Material Properties on Nanoparticle Agglomeration in Aqueous Environments
Degrees Conferred 2011
Kristin Clark Environmental Applications of Magnetic Sorbents: natural geosorbents and surfactant-based mesoporous materials for the recovery of persistent organic pollutants and oxyanions
Laura Grant Three Essays on Information and the Private Provision of Public Goods
Darren Hardy Volunteered Geographic Information in Wikipedia
Sara Hughes Institutions and Policy Change in Public Services: the case of urban water management reform
Jason Kreitler Ecosystem services and cost-effective conservation planning
Julie Robinson A Multi-source Evaluation Model for the Pilot of "DigitalOcean: Sampling the Sea": preliminary results and lessons learned
Priya Verma Linking Policy Process to Environmental Impacts in the U.S. EPA's National Estuary Program: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of the Science-Policy Interface
Jono Wilson Marine Reserves and the Management of Small-Scale Fisheries
Annie Yau Size-Based Approaches to Modeling and Managing Local Populations A Case Study Using an Artisanal Fishery for Giant Clams, Tridacna maxima
Degrees Conferred 2010
Alexios Monopolis Voluntary Simplicity, Authentic Happiness, and Ecological Sustainability
Degrees Conferred 2009
Heather Berkley Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Modeling Marine Fisheries
Heather Coleman Ecological Consequences of Chronic Marine Oil Contamination
Vered Doctori-Blass Information, Decision-Making, and Corporate Eco-Efficiency: Three Essays
Damon Turney Chemical Transport across Air-Water Interfaces in the Environment
Degrees Conferred 2008
Lisa Berry Barriers and Pathways to Quantitative Thinking in Environmental Studies
Jonah Busch Parks, Penguins, and Public Health: Three Essays in Environmental Economics
Marc Conte Providing Incentives for the Private Provision of Environmental Public Goods
Darcie Goodman Effective Estuarine Management: A Case Study of a California Estuary and its Ecological and Political Characteristics
Allison Huang The Discipline of Elections on Legislative Voting
Mike Springborn Policies and Processes of Environmental Risk
Peng Wang Particle-Size Dependent Sorption/Desorption Behavior of Pesticide within Soil-Water-Surfactant Systems
Marion Wittman Recreational Boating and the Dispersal of Non-Native Aquatic Species
Degrees Conferred 2007
Sofia Franco The Efficiency and Distributional Impacts of Anti-Sprawl Policies
Daniel Kaffine Incomplete Property Rights and Natural Resource Use
Sarani Saha Three Essays in Environmental and Public Economics
Yi Zheng Stochastic Modeling and Uncertainty Assessment for Watershed Water Quality Management
Degees Conferred 2006
Victoria Broje Dissertation Title: Optimization of Mechanical Oil Spill Recovery Equipment Under Variable Environmental Conditions
Yiping Cao Relationships between Microbial Community Composition and Function, Bacterial Growth Mode and Pollutants in Estuarine Environment
Antonio Lloret Transboundary Water Resources Under Uncertainty: Informal Institutions, Bargaining Power and Reservoir Capacity
Scott Lowe Three Essays on Environmental Regulation and Spatial Modeling
Ivan Montiel Essays on the Adoption of Environmental Management Practices: corporate environmental policies and ISO 14001
Timothy Robinson Catchment and Subcatchment Scale Linkages Between Land Use and Nutrient Concentrations and Fluxes in Coastal California Streams
Degees Conferred 2005
Mingjie Chen Stochastic Analysis of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Rachel Steinberger Physiology of Unsaturated Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Biofilms
Masaru Yoshioka North African Desert Dust: Human Impacts and Climate Effects
Degees Conferred 2004
Rajendra Bose Composing and Conveying Lineage Metadata For Environmental Science Research Computing
Annette Kilmer The Effect of Civil Society Involvement on Regulatory Enforcement and Environmental Outcomes under a Mixed Pollution Prevention Policy
Brad Newton Interactions of Topography and Land Use on the Runoff Response of Mesoscale Basins on the Brazilian Craton
Degees Conferred 2003
Britta Bierwagen The Effects of Land Use Change on Butterfly Dispersal and Community Ecology
Michael Singer Modeling Long-Term Patterns of Flow and Sediment Transport in Large Rivers
Sanya Sirivithayapakorn Transport of Colloids and Virus (Bacteriophage MS-2) in Porous Media
Mel Willis Strategic Environmental Assessment of Community Air Toxics Exposure Resulting From Land Use Policy
Degees Conferred 2002
Mark Kram Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Contaminant Detection using Optimized Fluorescence Methods
Marie Mina Mitani Applications of a Microporous Diffuser Reactor System for MTBE Oxidation Using Ozone and Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide
Ann Terlaak Exploring the Adoption Process and Performance Consequences of Industry Management Standards: The Case of ISO 9000
Degees Conferred 2001
Mike Jennings Toward a Better Understanding of Vegetation Alliances

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