PhD Research - Timnit Kefela

BS Biology, MS Biology, Rutgers University - Camden

Timnit’s doctoral research focuses on understanding the ubiquity and effects of synthetic microfibers and nanomaterials in freshwater, marine and terrestrial environments. Her previous research experiences include understanding the growth and pathogen control effects of leguminous associating rhizobacteria on non-leguminous plants and the role of rhizobacteria in drought stress tolerance of plants. Timnit is committed to connecting people to science, the diversification of STEM and environmental spaces. She previously interned for The Philadelphia Science Festival where she helped develop programming, served as an educator as a LEAP Academy Chemistry Teaching Fellow, Rutgers Civic Engagement Graduate Fellow and Rutgers Camden Faculty of Arts and Sciences Part-Time Lecturer and led experiential learning food justice initiatives as the LEAP STEAM Fabrication Lab Graduate Fellow in Camden, NJ.

Year Admitted: 2016
Research Areas:
Micropollution, microfiber pollution, plastic pollution, nanomaterial impacts on the environment
Faculty Advisor: Patricia Holden

Office: Bren Hall 2027