PhD Research - Violaine Desgens - Martin

MS Biology California State University, Long Beach; BS, Biomedical Sciences, Université de Montréal

Nanomaterials are ubiquitous in common household, biomedical and industrial products and they are quickly becoming an important, but not well understood, source of anthropogenic pollution. Little is known about the fate of nanomaterials in the aquatic environment and their potential impact on the organisms that inhabit it. Violaine’s research interests include understanding the patterns in which nanomaterials bioaccumulate and biomagnify between trophic levels and the mechanisms marine organisms use to detoxify themselves. She hopes that this research will help scientists better evaluate the toxicity of nanomaterials in aquatic ecosystems and inform updates to handling and disposal practices. Prior to Bren, Violaine’s researched the impact of organic pollutants on California sea lions.

Year Admitted: 2016
Research Areas:
Marine biology; aquatic toxicology; fate and transport of nanoparticles in marine environments
Faculty Advisor: Arturo Keller
Office: Bren Hall 2045