Administrative Services

Click on the links below for useful administrative application information, forms, guidelines, procedures, and handbooks.

Bren School Recycling Policy

Bren School Department Guidelines on Absences and Reporting

Guidelines for Use of Bren School Logo

E-mail Addresses for Departmental Business Services

Following are specific e-mail addresses for requesting help, repairs, and frequently needed services. Please use these e-mail addresses for your requests so that they can be properly directed and handled.

  • admissions@bren — to obtain information about our academic programs, applying to one of our programs, open houses, and visiting the Bren School.

  • brenhall@bren to submit trouble tickets for operational and building related issues.

  • career@bren — for current students to obtain information and/or request assistance from the career development staff

  • computing@bren to report issues relating to networks or computers or other hardware/software problems at the Bren school.

  • finance@bren -- for inquiries related to accounts, budgets, late payments, finance issues, etc.
  • academics@bren — for current students to obtain information and/or request assistance in regards to registering for classes, grade reporting, book orders, approval codes, and other instructional support issues.

  • media@bren to request distribution, via bren-alerts, of potentially newsworthy information that promotes the Bren School, its students, and/or its faculty. Also, to submit questions/queries related to print or electronic communications and materials, such as newsletters, press releases, photographs, and Bren logos.

  • personnel@bren - for inquiries related to non-academic new hire requests (staff and student), funding updates for existing appointments, foreign visa requests (e.g. J1's), time card and/or payroll questions, salary transfer requests, Kronos timekeeping questions.
  • projects@bren -- to obtain information about and to submit Group Project proposals
  • purchasing@bren -- for purchasing requests
  • scheduling@bren — for Bren students, staff, and faculty to request use of a room in Bren Hall and to receive assistance regarding the schedule of classes.
  • travel@bren -- for requests involving travel, vehicle reservations, or parking permits, etc.
  • webmaster@bren to request changes to or report problems with the Bren website.

Mailing Lists

  • faculty@bren — all ladder track, permanent faculty
    [list administrator: kelly@bren]

  • otherfac@bren — adjunct and affiliated faculty
    [list administrator: kelly@bren]

  • brenstaff@bren — all Bren administrative staff
    [list administrator: kim@bren]

  • researchers@bren — research faculty, staff, and postdocs
    [list administrators: dee@bren or kim@bren]

  • visitors@bren — all visiting professors and lecturers, and non-teaching visitors who are residing in Bren Hall
    [list administrator: dee@bren or kim@bren]

  • brenphd@bren — all Bren PhD students (those actually earning a degree from Bren, not another unit)
    [list administrators: kristine@bren or rebecca@bren]

  • otherphd@bren — Bren PhD students matriculated in other units
    [list administrator: sean@bren]

  • grad2021@bren — MESM Graduating class of 2021
    [list administrator:kristine@bren or rebecca@bren]
  • grad2020@bren — MESM Graduating class of 2020
    [list administrator:kristine@bren or rebecca@bren]

     To request addition or removal from one of these lists, please contact the list administrator.


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