Bren School Travel Regulations
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Two types of travel exist at UCSB, “Moving and Relocation” and “Business Travel".

Moving and Relocation is a small percentage of UC business travel. Prior approval from the Executive Vice Chancellor’s office is required. For information on Moving and Relocation Travel, see the University of California Business and Financial Bulletin G-13 – Policy & Regulation Governing Moving & Relocation.

All other travel for the University of California is Business Travel. The following information pertains to Business Travel. For more information on Business Travel, see the University of California Business and Financial Bulletin G-28 – Policy and Regulations Governing Travel.

All questions and travel related matters can be sent to


Domestic and Foreign Travel

Domestic or “CONUS” travel is travel which takes place within the Continental United States. Domestic travel is reimbursed for actual expenses incurred while on travel status with a daily limit for Meals and Incidental expenses. The current M&IE rates can be found in Appendix B of BFB G-28.

M&I expenses are not allowed for travel less than 24 hours unless travel involves an “Overnight Stay”. Go here for more information.

Foreign or “OCONUS” travel is travel that takes place outside of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Foreign travel is reimbursed for actual expenses for transportation but on a per diem rate established by the U.S. State Department for meals, incidentals, and lodging. Per diem rates can be found arranged according to country and city on the U.S. State Department web site.

For travel in excess of 30 days, see current Lodging and M&IE Reimbursement Caps guidelines.


Travel Advances

Travel advances should be requested from the Bren School at least two weeks prior to departure to ensure that the checks will be ready on time.

Complete a Travel Advance Request Form and submit to the Bren Financial Team. To submit the request, fill out the online form and save it to your computer's desktop. E-mail the completed form to A check will be mailed to the address provided on the Advance Request.

All travelers must submit a travel voucher, with receipts, after completion of travel. Subsequent advances will be denied pending completion of a travel voucher for uncleared advances. 120 days after completion of travel, advances will be reported to the IRS as personal income, which is subject to normal payroll taxes. Travel Accounting will send a memo notifying the traveler of the intent to tax. Should you receive this memo, please submit receipts immediately or contact the Bren School if the memo is in error.


Submitting Travel Reimbursement Requests

Upon completion of a trip, all travelers must submit a Travel Reimbursement Request. Original receipts, ticket stubs, and any other documentation substantiating the expenses should be submitted to the Bren Financial Team, along with either the:

Domestic Travel Reimbursement Worksheet or the Foreign Travel Reimbursement Worksheet.

All travel must take place prior to reimbursement.


Transportation Expenses

The University of California will reimburse all costs incurred by the traveler while on travel status to get to and from the destination and any transportation expenses while at the destination. This includes fares for travel by:





Rental Car*

Private Car Mileage**

Parking Fees

* Decline any rental car insurance; UC carries its own.

**For information regarding the current mileage reimbursement rates, please refer to University of California Business and Financial Bulletin G-28 – Policy and Regulations Governing Travel.


UCLA Travel Center

The University of California has unofficially established UCLA Travel Center as the travel agents for the entire UC system. Using its size and buying power, the University of California was able to secure discounted airfare rates while maintaining flexibility in booking. Here are the steps for booking travel through UCLA Travel Center.

  • Access UCLA’s UCSB Travel Reservation Request Form.
  • UCLA Travel will set up an itinerary and email the details to you and request a “Tracking Number.”
  • Once the itinerary is received, forward it to with the following information:
    • Traveler’s first and last name
    • Destination and Departure Date
    • Reason for the trip (i.e. “to attend UC Berkley water conference”)
    • Project Code to charge the flight to
    • A copy of the itinerary
  • The Bren Travel Coordinator will issue a tracking number and send it to the traveler.
  • The traveler will then transmit the tracking number to the Travel Agent at UCLA Travel.
  • UCLA Travel will then provide the travel information directly to the traveler.
  • Changes to the travel arrangements can be made through the “UCSB Travel Reservation Request Form” above. If your travel request is of an urgent nature, please contact the UCLA Travel Center at 1-800-235-8252 or 310-206-2639. Please allow 2-3 business days for all personal travel requests.


Transportation Services

UCSB Transportation Services can provide a variety of vehicles for trips leaving from UCSB. Contact the Bren Financial Team to reserve a vehicle.


Direct Billing

The Bren School has established direct billing with several local Santa Barbara area hotels. This enables the Bren School to book rooms for visitors and then be invoiced directly from the hotel. For more information, contact the Bren Travel Coordinator at


Package Travel Deals

Discounts can often be found by packaging hotel, airfare, car rental, and other travel services through online vendors. However, PACKAGE DEALS ARE NOT ALLOWED unless an itemized receipt from the company showing the cost of each item included in the package can be given to the Bren School for processing. UCSB must know how much each item costs to ensure that the items conform to university policy.




  • The University of California provides travel insurance at NO COST depending upon whether you are UC faculty, staff or student, the ACE/Europ Assistance may include Out-of-Country Medical expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Security Extraction, Travel Assistance, Repatriation of Remains, and Personal Effects, as well as the standard Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage. In addition, the benefits extend to spouses, domestic partners, and travel companions who accompany faculty, staff or students on their travels. The ACE/Europ Assistance travel insurance eliminates the need to purchase separate trip insurance.
  • Register at the UC Traveler Insurance website prior to starting your travels. Upon registration, a certificate with important information about ACE/Europ Assistance will be issued that you can take on your trip. You will be provided with phone numbers that you can call to obtain immediate assistance no matter where you are.
  • For the purposes of insurance coverage, an official university business trip begins when the traveler leaves his or her residence or headquarters, whichever occurs last, and ends when the traveler returns to his or her residence or headquarters, whichever occurs first.



  • The University of California maintains automobile insurance coverage for employees traveling on university business. More information about the UC Automobile Program can be found on the UCOP Automobile Program web page and FAQs can be found here.