Bren Business Cards

Bren master's and PhD students can print personal Bren business cards for use while they are enrolled at the Bren School. Three templates, all incorporating the Bren logo and approved design elements, are available by following the instructions below.

Note to Bren faculty and staff: The university requires faculty and permanent employees (administration and other staff) to choose a business card from a a portfolio of university-approved designs available here.

Please note that the cost of printing business cards is the student's responsibility.

Once you choose a design and begin to enter your informatin, please refrain from changing the design of the card by adding, removing, or in any way altering any design element(s). Except for text fields, the cards are required to be used as they appear.

The templates were produced using InDesign, so you will need either 1) to have your own copy of that software or 2) work on a machine, such as those in the Student Commons in the lab wing of Bren Hall, that is equipped with InDesign.

Note: The following instructions assume that you are working in the Bren computing environment (either on a Bren machine or remotely connected to the Bren server).

To get started, do the following:

  1. In Windows, click "Start" and then "Run."
  2. In the "Open:" dialog box, type or paste \\babylon\courses\Business_Cards and click "OK."
  3. Start by opening the biz_card_options.pdf file and selecting a design. There are three: Plain, Leaf, and Leaf + Wave. Then close the pdf.
  4. Next, save a copy of the InDesign file that matches your choice to your directory, or work on it now (it's a "read only" file) and save later. Either way, open the file with InDesign.
  5. Select the text tool and enter your information in the appropriate fields.
  6. From there, go to the file named biz_card_export_READ_FIRST.docx in the Business_Cards folder and follow the directions for creating a pdf of your card.
  7. Once you have saved the pdf, a printer can use it to make your cards.
  8. Address any questions or problems to the media liaison.