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Commencement Information for Graduating Students

Congratulations Class of 2021!

The latest information about campus-wide commencement activities is available here and here. Graduating Bren students are encouraged to participate in the online UCSB Commencement on Saturday, June 12. More details can be found on the UCSB Commencement website.

The Bren School is excited to celebrate your achievement at a special event on Friday, June 11 from 9am to 11am. We will be holding a hybrid event, with only graduating students invited to attend in person in the Bren Hall courtyard, along with limited faculty and staff. The event will be livestreamed so family, friends, and students who are not present in person can join us in celebrating! For more information about the online event, see the event announcement here

Dean Steve Gaines will be our host and he will be onstage in Bren Hall’s Michael J. Connell Courtyard. Graduates will be seated in assigned seats in the courtyard and some faculty and staff will be seated on the balconies around Bren Hall. This will truly be a hybrid event, with some speakers joining us remotely and some in person. For the in-person audience, remote presenters will be displayed on two large screens in the courtyard. For the remote audience, everything that happens in the courtyard will be professionally filmed and broadcast to the livestream. We hope you will be able to join us either in person or remotely!

We need a response from every graduating student about whether you will or will not attend in person by June 1 at 5:00pm

To join the event remotely via the livestream, please fill out this form. If you are not able to attend the event in person, you will be recognized during the celebration with a slide displaying your photo and name, and your name will be read, like graduates who are able to attend in person. Please submit your name as you would like it to appear and be read, and upload a photo for your slide. If you do not submit a photo, we will use your professional headshot from orientation. If you are not attending the event in person, you can stop reading now! 

To join the event in person at Bren Hall, you must be registered using the link below. There will be no exceptions. Students who are not registered by June 1 will not be permitted to enter the courtyard on June 11. 

  • Guests are not permitted, only graduating Bren students may register to attend. We have a strict cap of 100 total attendees and cannot accommodate any guests.
  • Use of face coverings is mandatory.
  • All attendees must maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from others not in their household at all times. Please do not shake hands with or hug anyone who is not in your household.
  • Seating will be assigned.
  • You will be seated in household groups. Please have only one graduating student from each household submit this form for all attending students in the household. If there are some graduates in the household who will not be attending and some who will, only include those attending on the in-person form. If you are the only graduating student in your household who is attending, please submit the form with just your name. Those in the household who will attend remotely via the livestream should follow instructions for remote attendance (see above).
  • Please abide by the following guidelines:
    • Anyone with any COVID-19-like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, night sweats, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, muscle or body aches, headaches, confusion, or loss of sense of taste/smell), must stay home and avoid contact with anyone outside their household.
    • Anyone who develops COVID-19 within 48 hours after attending the event should notify the organizer and/or other attendees as soon as possible.
    • People at higher risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 (such as older adults and people with chronic medical conditions) are strongly urged not to attend.
    • Everyone at a gathering should wash their hands with soap and water frequently, or use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
    • Participants are encouraged to sign up for CA NOTIFY, California’s COVID-19 exposure notification.
  • Regalia is not required. You may wear whatever you choose, provided it is appropriate for being in public!
  • Food and drink are not allowed. You may bring bottled water only.
  • Students will be asked to arrive within a thirty-minute window prior to the start of the event at 9am so we don’t have a long line to check in and we can begin on time. The day before the event, each student will receive an arrival time with your seating assignment.
  • The only entrance to the courtyard will be the north entrance (facing main campus and the bike roundabout), please line up on the sidewalk outside the north entrance, maintaining 6’ distance and wearing a mask, wait to be checked in, and follow directions from staff.
  • You will be provided with your seat assignment one day in advance, and also upon check in. Once you enter the courtyard, proceed directly to your assigned seat and remain seated there. There will be no processional.
  • Restrooms will be available but no other building access will be permitted.
  • Please follow all directional arrows on the ground and stay on marked travel paths.
  • Near the end of the event, there will be a recognition of graduates. Staff will invite students, one row at a time, to stand and walk to the stage maintaining 6’ distance between non-household members at all times.
    • PhD graduates (if present) will come onto the stage, one at a time, when invited by staff. Their faculty advisor or faculty member of choice will stand at a microphone offstage or join remotely to say a few words. There will be no physical hooding of PhD graduates.
    • MESM graduates will walk across the stage one at a time as their names are read, maintaining 6’ distance from non-household members at all times and following directions from Bren staff. 
  • When the event concludes, please wait to stand and exit until you are directed to do so by staff, one row at a time, maintaining distance of 6’ from non-household members at all times. You will exit using the east courtyard entrance (facing the lawn) only.
  • Please do not linger on campus after the event, and remain masked and physically distanced until you return to your car or residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I/my family/friends watch the Bren commencement celebration?
The celebration will be livestreamed and will be available to watch live online on YouTube. A link and/or embedded video will be available on the Bren website event page on the day of the celebration.

I/my family/friends can’t watch the celebration live, will it be available to watch later?
Yes, a recording of the livestream will be available to watch later upon request. Please email to request the link after the event.

Can I bring guests to the in-person celebration at Bren Hall?
No. Guests are not permitted. Only graduating students who have registered by June 1 will be allowed to enter the courtyard for the event.

Do I have to wear regalia (cap and gown) to the in-person celebration at Bren Hall?
No, you do not have to wear regalia, but you may if you wish. You may dress however you like, as long as it’s suitable to appear in public!

Is anything not allowed at the in-person celebration?
Drugs and alcohol are not allowed! Food and beverages other than bottled water are also not permitted.

I gave up my parking permit, will I have to pay for parking on campus if I’m attending the event in person?
You may park in Lot 10 (the structure near the roundabout) between 8:30am and 11:30am on Friday, June 11 only without a parking permit. All other campus lots and any other times will have regular parking enforcement and will require a valid parking permit. Please do not leave your car in Lot 10 after 11:30am without a valid permit or you will be ticketed.

I don’t know yet what my plans are, can I register late?
No, you must decide and register to attend in person or remotely by June 1 at 5:00pm. We have a limit on the total number of in-person attendees and need time to offer any remaining spaces to faculty and staff.

If I’m not living in Santa Barbara right now, can I come for the in-person celebration?
If you are not currently residing in California, please abide by the travel advisory outlined by the state. If you are currently residing in California but not in the Santa Barbara vicinity, you may travel to the area to attend the in-person celebration.

I registered to attend in person but changed my mind/am unable to attend. Do I need to tell anyone?
Yes, please email Aleah Van Woert at as soon as you know you won’t be attending in person. Space in this event is strictly capped at 100 people and, if you are not able to attend, we would like to give your spot to a staff or faculty member on the waitlist.

Will I receive my diploma at the commencement celebration?
No. Please read the Diplomas section below for further details.

Do I have to participate in the UCSB Commencement on Saturday?
We encourage students to participate in the UCSB Commencement program on Saturday, June 12. It is a celebration of the achievement of all UCSB graduates, including grad students, and will feature an address by Chancellor Yang and a keynote speech from Oprah Winfrey. More information is available here.

Does my student health insurance expire in June when I graduate?
If you have a UCSB health insurance plan (UCSHIP), your plan will cover you until Friday, September 18, 2021. Therefore, you will have health insurance coverage throughout the summer months after graduation. You may wish to visit UC SHIP for more information.



The spelling of your name and specialization listed below will appear in the Bren Commencement Program. If this is not the name or specialization you would like to have printed in the program, please email the appropriate revision to no later than May 26 with the subject line “Bren Commencement Program Name Correction.” 


PhD Students

Please provide us your information in this order: First Name, Last Name, Additional Advanced Degree (s) Earned, Dissertation Title, Faculty Chair (e.g., Kristin Clark, Environmental Applications of Magnetic Sorbents: Natural Geosorbents and Surfactant Based Mesoporous Materials for the Recovery of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Oxyanions, hooded by Professor Arturo Keller). *Not Walking.

Send us the above information if you plan to graduate this year and we will post it when it has been received! 

  • Sam Collie, MS, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University
    Social Efficiency of Natural Resource Management, Chris Costello
  • Jessica Couture*, MESM, Bren School, UC Santa Barbara
    Sustainable Aquaculture for a Resource-Limited Future, Steve Gaines
  • Molly Wilson*, Understanding Fish and Fisher Behavior in Coral Reef Ecosystems, Ben Halpern and Steve Gaines
  • Jiajia Zheng*, Master in Environmental Engineering, Fudan University
    Assessment of Decarbonizing Rapidly-Growing Technological Systems with a Life-Cycle Perspective, Sangwon Suh

*not walking this year

MESM Students

Please find your name in the list below and verify that we the correct spelling, your specialization(s) and focus (if applicable) correct. If you would like something different read or printed in the Commencement program, this is your chance to correct it! Please respond to Kristine Duarte by May 26 at 12:00 p.m. with any changes.

If your name or specialization is incorrect, or if you have further questions or concerns regarding the commencement program, please contact Kristine Duarte ( 

MESM Class of 2021

Last Name First Name Specialization/Focus
Abelman Anna CMRM, EDS
Albuquerque Simone WRM
Bailey Allison PPR, EDS
Bannister Indigo CP
Bhaijeewala Qusai CEM
Bouffard Marie CP, Comm
Brickner Margaret EC, CEM
Brock Cameryn CP
Brofman Grace WRM
Byrne Pat WRM
Christensen Janelle WRM, Comm
Collado Mauricio CMRM, CP
Conway Rachel CP
Dagum Julia EC
De La Rosa Gabriel CP, Comm, EDS
Diamond Max CEM, Eco-E, Comm
Duerksen-Salm Zoe CP, Comm
Ehrens Alex WRM, EDS
Empson Lucas CEM
Eyer Garrett CEM
Faires Jordan EPE, EC
Felix Waldo EC, EDS
Fennell Alicia EC, Comm
Flores Claudia WRM, EDS
Folger Bret CP
Friedl Emma CEM, EC
Fronheiser Kelsie CP
Garcia-Wickstrum Hannah CP, EDS
Glave Dylan CMRM, Comm
Goetze Leana CP, EDS
Gordon Monica EPE (missing revised plan)
Grant Haley EPE
Hacker Allison WRM, EDS
Hall Jaleise EC, PPR, EDS
Hart Jon CP
Isken Jordan EPE, Comm
Jin Ruiheng CEM
Keyles Gavi EPE, EC, Comm
Krone Courtney EPE, Comm
Leiby Annika WRM, EDS
Leigh Kat CMRM, EDS, Eco-E
Luna Anthony PPR
Manzo Lauren CMRM
Massion Renata CEM, Comm
Matthews Elliott CMRM
Mermel Kazia EPE, Comm
Milward Alex WRM, EDS
Miyashiro Bobby EC, CEM
Moore Peyton CMRM, Comm
Morrow Keene EC, Comm, EDS
Newbury Wesley CMRM, EPE, Eco-E
Nguyen Derek CEM, WRM
Nolan Audrey EC
Oliver Madeline EPE, Comm
Omasta Peter CEM, Comm
Parkinson Anne-Marie CP, EDS
Pham Joanne CEM, Comm
Pohl Yani CP, Comm
Qiu Siya CEM, EDS
Rathbone Vanessa CP, Comm
Reynolds Rebecca PPR, WRM, EDS
Rhodes Rachel CMRM, Comm
Rikhter Paul CEM, EC
Ringland Minnie EPE, EC, Comm
Ristig Erin CMRM, EDS
Salvador Andrew EC, CEM
Sanchez Ramirez Ruben CMRM, EDS
Schattle Lizzy CP (missing revised plan)
Schmidt Nicole WRM, Comm
Segan David EC
Shoemaker Kate CEM
Song Shuhan CP, EDS
Heberlein Evan CMRM, WRM, EDS
Truong Jennifer CP, EDS
Truong Benson CP
Viebrock Richard EC
Wallace Victoria EC, Comm
Walsh Shelby CEM
Wang Ruoyu EC, EDS
Weber Veronica EC, Comm
Wells Michael EPE, CMRM
Wilford-Bivin Jakob EC
Wilkins Alexandria WRM
Zekanoski AJ EPE


Graduation Verification

At UCSB, graduate students DO NOT need to declare that they are closing their degree objective on GOLD; only undergraduates are required to do this.

For MESMs, the Grad Check Form is the only form required to confirm completion of your degree. The Bren School staff will verify that you met the degree requirements, generate and print a Grad Check form and will notify the Graduate Division that you are eligible for graduation.

Graduating PhD candidates must submit a completed Graduate Division Form III to receive their degree, in addition to efiling their dissertation and submitting a signature page to the Graduate Division. The Form III may be submitted to the Graduate Division prior to graduation or in the summer or fall, depending on the quarter when the PhD candidate is planning to finish the degree. Please notify Kristine Duarte if you intend to walk with this year's graduating class.

Receiving Diplomas

Diplomas usually arrive 4-6 months after graduation. If you need official verification that you did graduate after you have completed your final quarter, you may use the UCSB GOLD system to order an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar. By law, the Bren School cannot provide transcripts, as only the Office of the Registrar may supply these records. You will want to indicate on your request the date and degree earned.

Letter of Verification

If you complete your degree requirements and need immediate proof that you have finished your education, you may request a letter of verification from the Office of the Registrar. The Bren School cannot provide an official letter verifying your graduation; only the Office of the Registrar can legally provide students this information. The Bren School may only provide a "provisional" verification letter to your employer stating that you completed your MESM requirements and that official conferral of degree will be provided by the Office of the Registrar. This letter will be issued only if you have fulfilled all of your requirements and your records are complete and approved per the Graduate Division and the Office of the Registrar.

Mailing of Diplomas

Diplomas are mailed approximately 3-4 months after the date of graduation and are sent automatically to the "diploma address" on record in the UCSB GOLD system. Click here for information on changing your diploma address.

PLEASE NOTE: UCSB is not responsible for diplomas that are lost or damaged in the mailing process. Appropriate fees will be assessed for duplicate diplomas requested for those that are lost or damaged during mailing. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 805-893-2633 or send e-mail for more information.

Name on Your Diploma

Your diploma will be printed with the name that is on your official record at UCSB. If you need to make any changes or have any questions, visit Information on Diplomas, or call them at 805-893-2633.

Replacement Diplomas

If your diploma has been lost or damaged and you would like to inquire about obtaining a new one, visit Information on Diplomas or call them at 805-893-2633.

Other Diploma-Related Questions

If you have any other questions or need to make any changes, visit Information on Diplomas or call them at 805-893-2633.


All students and alumni must order transcripts by logging into GOLD, navigating to the Transcripts|Verifications menu option, selecting "Official Transcripts," and then clicking on "Order Transcripts" to get the process started. Visit the How to Order a Transcript page on the UCSB Office of the Registrar website for additional information. GOLD is also the place to access unofficial transcripts, and students may do so free of charge.

Deferring Graduation Until Summer Quarter

If you have TA position over the summer or you are an international student who plans to stay in the US 60 days after the end of Spring Quarter, you may want to defer your graduation until Summer. Please talk with the career team about your career goals, fill out the Graduation Deferral Request Form (and the Summer Filing Leave petition if you are an international student), and submit it to the Student Affairs and Admissions Manager (Kristine Duarte) by the end of Spring Quarter. 

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