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EDS 430

Workshop in Environmental Data Science

Samantha 'Sam' Csik

Prerequisites: for non-MEDS students: ESM 206 — all participants are expected to (a) be familiar with the R programming language and comfortable working in RStudio, (b) have a GitHub profile, and (c) have git configured on their local machine.

Units: 1


Workshops to develop professional skills for careers in Environmental Data Science

In this 1-unit, hands-on programming-based workshop taught by NCEAS Data Training Coordinator, Sam Csik, students will learn how to build and deploy Shiny applications. The {shiny} package provides a framework that allows R users to build interactive web applications and dashboards, and has become a popular tool for sharing data analyses and data-derived outputs with broad audiences. In this two-part short course, students will learn the fundamentals of reactivity, how to customize an application user interface (UI), best practices and workflows for developing shiny apps, and how to deploy their apps online via RStudio’s hosting service,

Course Syllabus: Winter 2024

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