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ESM 296-2S

Advanced Special Topics in Environmental Management: Sustainable Forests Seminar

Christina (Naomi) Tague

Prerequisites: None

Units: 4


This course provides an in-depth examination of a current challenge to achieving forest sustainability. In this course we will address this challenge from a multi-disciplinary perspective with the goal of providing students the opportunity to learn key skills in applied problem solving in the area of forest sustainability. The end product of the course will be a collaboratively written brief that summarizes the issue and presents a set of recommendations that will move towards a more sustainable future. Each year we will choose a new topic. We will use this topic to guide students through a collaborative research and problem-solving processes. We will review relevant natural and social science research, brainstorm potential solutions and analyze feasibility and trade-offs associated with different courses of action. 

Course Syllabus: Spring 2021


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