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Cat Takata

Catherine Takata, a Master’s student in the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara, developed an early passion for the environment. As a Native Hawaiian, hands-on conservation through Kamehameha Schools taught her to respect the land and ocean. This led to a B.S. in Earth Science with a concentration in Environmental Geology from UC Santa Cruz. The Weber-Holt Scholarship supported her undergraduate research thesis: five weeks of geologic field mapping on topographic ArcGIS base maps. Stratigraphy, petrology, and structural analyses methodologies were used to calculate and understand the deformation processes on the Precambrian-Cambrian Poleta Fold Belt, White-Inyo Range of Eastern California. On staff at Joseph M. Long Marine Laboratory, Santa Cruz, Catherine autoclaved seawater samples for phytoplankton culture preparation and maintained marine invertebrate husbandry. In the lab of Dr. Christina Ravelo, Chair of the UC Santa Cruz Ocean Science Department, Cat identified and isolated delicate benthic foraminifera samples for paleo oceanographic dating. Cat spent summers at the Ocean Institute, Dana Point, CA, and helped establish Girls in Ocean Science, where middle and high school students interact with women in STEM through panel discussions, laboratories, and lectures.    At Bren, Cat will specialize in Water Resources Management with a Strategic Environmental Communication and Media focus. She will use her geology training to connect hydrogeology to policy, identify water resources, and promote water accessibility. Cat hopes to communicate through media, to educate and effect action the way mentors generously inspired her.  

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