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Elmera Azadpour

Elmera Azadpour, a first-year master's student, graduated from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City (SLC) in 2019 with a Honors Bachelors of Science in Environmental Biology. Her honors thesis examined the effects of inorganic vs organic fertilizer treatments on Nitrogen cycling in urban lawns in SLC. Since finishing her Bachelors, she conducted two internships at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) where she studied tropical forest ecology and climatology. There she examined constraints of global photosynthetic capacity (Vcmax) plasticity observed within forest canopies and studied the effects of rainfall gradients on future gross primary productivity (GPP) across the Isthmus of Panama. She later went on to present her research at the Fall 2019 American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference and the Summer 2020 Ecological Society of America (ESA) conference. Elmera has a growing interest in land-atmosphere interactions and Earth system models. More specifically, Elmera is interested in climate modeling and utilizing data science tools to investigate forest ecosystems as it relates to a changing climate. At the Bren School, she is pursuing a specialization in Energy & Climate with a focus in Strategic Environmental Communication and Media.

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