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Hanna Weyland

Hanna Weyland graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. During her undergraduate career, Hanna worked on analyzing microplastics found in beach sand along the Santa Monica Bay. She used infrared technology to further examine the specific types of plastics degrading on these beaches. She also focused on developing a scientific process to separate microplastics from beach sand allowing for a simpler way to identify different plastics. During her senior year, Hanna studied the relationship between various native coastal vegetation species and their unique dune formations to help inform best management practices for beach restoration projects. Upon graduation, Hanna worked with the Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program conducting habitat restoration work including nonnative vegetation control, seed collection, and maintenance at several ecologically important sites in Los Angeles, CA. Through her work and experiences along the California coast, she became captivated by the beauty and importance that coastal ecosystems have to offer. At the Bren School, Hanna is interested in specializing in conservation planning, with an emphasis on habitat restoration and wildlife conservation. She hopes to work with organizations focused on implementing restoration projects for wildlife and continue advocating the importance of coastal lands and habitats.

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