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Jake Nyiri

Jake Nyiri, a first-year master’s student, graduated summa cum laude with an Associate’s degree in Audio Engineering in 2011. Prior to that he operated his own music-festival production company in Southern California for eight years. The birth of his son, Ethan, caused him to change direction, as he became worried about the environmental future of the planet that his son would inherit. He obtained a B.S. in Environmental Science with a Minor in Law and Policy from the University of Washington in 2020. While most of his colleagues performed their undergrad research working on their advisor’s projects, Jake designed and implemented his own study. His research analyzed the potential risks to low-income children from legacy arsenic contamination in the public lakes and beaches of Tacoma. At the UCSB Bren School he is specializing in both Pollution Remediation and Environmental Policy, and hopes to work in the regulatory field where there is a lack of policymakers with a thorough grounding in both environmental sciences and the realities of business operation. His ultimate goal is to create a more level environmental justice playing field for disadvantaged children.  

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