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Jenna Wisniewski

Jenna Wisniewski graduated from University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu (2018) with a degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Management and a specialty in Wildlife Management and Forestry. During her undergraduate career, Jenna conducted research for the Bishop Museum Malacology Lab where she helped to update the national database for Pacific Island land snails, along with raise and research a live collection of endangered snails from around Oahu. Upon graduation, she interned for the Feline Department at the Denver Zoo and as a Public Outreach Assistant for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. She also worked as a field technician for the California Condor Reintroduction Program through the Department of U.S. Fish and Wildlife based in Ventura, California. While there she worked to tag and track current populations of condors as well as release captive raised individuals to the wild. Working with multiple endangered species greatly impacted by human development, along with working in environments experiencing more extreme impacts of climate change such as the Hawaiian Islands, drives Jenna to further pursue a career that involves the protection of vulnerable ecosystems. At Bren, Jenna hopes to obtain a dual specialization in Conservation Planning and Coastal Marine Resources Management and focus on species research and conservation planning that pertains to coastal ecosystems and estuaries. 

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