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Joe Walderman

Joseph Walderman graduated from the University of Richmond (2017) with degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies. Growing up in New York City, Joseph found solace in the urban oasis of Central Park, which inspired his passion to pursue a career in the environmental field. For his senior capstone project Joseph proposed an on-site waste-to-energy anaerobic digestor. He sought to bridge the gap between the 650 pounds of organic waste produced daily and the campus’s significant energy needs. His proposal also supported Richmond’s Climate Action Plan commitments to waste diversion and GHG emission reductions. After school Joseph took a position at an energy efficiency firm in Washington, D.C., where he coordinated and delivered over 30 multifamily energy efficiency projects during two years at the company.  Looking to diversify his experience in the field, Joseph moved west and led outdoor excursions in Southwest Colorado while remotely conducting preliminary research for a company developing decarbonization best practices for the textile industry. At the Bren School, Joseph specializes in Corporate Environmental Management and Energy and Climate. He is looking forward to exploring local scale renewable energy and distributed energy programs as mechanisms for building community resilience. Similarly, he plans to explore local, ground up mechanisms to build sustainability in business supply chains.    

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