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Joy Sadeghpour

Mojdeh Joy Sadeghpour is currently a Master’s student (2022) at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara.S he plans to specialize in Conservation Planning and Sustainable Water Resources, as well as Strategic Environmental Communications and Eco Entrepreneurship. Her interests are in land designation and management for biological conservation. She would like to communicate the need for conservation, through educational activities and research, to high school and college students, and to support her endeavors with funds earned through environmental entrepreneurship.

Joy has earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (1980), a Master of Arts in Education (1983), and the California Science Teaching Credential (2010) from UCLA. She has an Associate of Arts in Environmental Science from Santa Monica College (2020), where most recently she studied Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology as well as Sustainable Environmental Practices. She participated as an intern and a workshop leader in several workshops for college students through the Sustainable Works Program. She has conducted ecological research looking at the survival of an invasive plant species under climate change scenarios. Her research project was modeled for a student lab and was presented in an Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology Course at Santa Monica College. She has also taught field classes at the Eastern Sierra Watershed Project (2010), monitoring the. habitat restoration of the Lower Owens River with student participation.

Joy would like to analyze ecohydrological data of ecologically sensitive areas, and be involved in designation and management of reserves and protected areas best suited for conservation efforts. She is inspired by environmental educators, and would like to communicate her knowledge to students who would in turn be effective environmentalists. To be financially sustainable in these efforts, Joy is planning to start eco-entrepreneurship projects.

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