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Sophia Wilmore

Sophia Wilmore, a first-year master’s student, graduated cum laude from UC Santa Cruz (2018) with a degree in Environmental Studies and a focus in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. Before university, Sophia attended community college where she studied Biology and volunteered her time to local farmers. She learned to graft trees, clone plants, and manage an aquaponics system. She also relearned lessons taught by her elementary school, appropriately named after Cesar Chavez. Food is sovereignty and farmers are in crisis. These lessons and experiences were to her, like a captivating scent on a cool breeze guiding her to a new path towards food justice and sustainable agriculture. After switching majors and transferring to university, Sophia served as the Co-Executive Content Producer for KSCO Radio. She kept the public informed on agricultural matters through interviews with farmers, environmental scientists, and policy makers. In this capacity, Sophia conducted an interview with Dr. Gail Myers and Will Scott Jr. on the history of Black farmers in the United States. Sophia has also worked to ban the use of glyphosates and neonicotinoids with the objective of promoting pollinator preservation. Sophia’s multicultural background and past education magnetized her to the solution of food justice as a means of cultural sovereignty and the liberation of Black communities. She is serving this passion at the Bren School through the Conservation Planning specialization. Sophia’s goal is to tie together the practices of agroecology, environmental justice, and cultural sovereignty through agricultural land-use planning.

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