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Teague Tran

Teague Tran graduated magna cum laude from California State University, Long Beach in 2018 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Marine Biology and Environmental Science & Policy. During his undergraduate career, he spent a semester on Santa Catalina Island, where he studied fish, invertebrate, and algae ecology while researching the effects of temperature on growth rates of algal species around the island. After graduation, Teague interned with Orange County Coastkeeper, a clean-water nonprofit. He collaborated with universities, government agencies, and community members to monitor the effects of reestablished oyster and eelgrass beds on the water quality of Newport Bay, CA. By engaging with these entities, Teague saw the interconnection between science and society in conservation. He further explored this relationship by working with the Watershed Stewards Program (WSP) and the National Park Service in the fisheries program at Point Reyes National Seashore. There, Teague helped fisheries managers monitor salmonid species, led public restoration projects, and educated children on watershed stewardship. He is now attending the Bren School, where he is planning to specialize in Conservation Planning with a focus on scientific communication at the Bren School. He aims to utilize his accumulated knowledge to promote modern, dynamic conservation practices and establish a more transparent relationship between people and their land.  

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