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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Management Plan for Reducing the Risk of Wildfire to Vulnerable Populations in Ventura County

Aerial view of wildfire and smoke

Group Members: Brianna (Bri) Baker, Yvonne Dinh, Elena Ortiz, Alison Sells, Iris Foxfoot

Faculty Advisors: Sarah Anderson

Client: Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council




As climate change increases the frequency and severity of wildfires across California, there is an urgent need for wildfire preparedness and response in Ventura County. Socially vulnerable communities disproportionately lack access to resources and services to prepare and recover from wildfires. As a result, they have a heightened risk for human suffering and property loss in the event of wildfire. In collaboration with the Ventura Fire Safe Council, this project will identify socially vulnerable communities at risk of wildfire and help to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan that equitably addresses community needs. This project will also contribute to the field of wildfire management by providing a model for local governments to address social vulnerability concerns. It will demonstrate effective methods for developing an accessible wildfire management plan that engages vulnerable communities to reduce local wildfire risk and increase community resilience with implications beyond Ventura County. 

PhD mentor: Louis Graup

Client contact: Elaine Himelfarb

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