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Master of Environmental Science and Management: Master's Group Project

Wildlife-friendly Farming: Economic and Geospatial Analysis of Sustainable Farming Incentives in Southern Costa Rica

tropical bird

Group Members: Marie Bouffard, Cameryn Brock, Julia Dagum, Bret Folger

Faculty Advisors: Ashley Larsen


Contact: gp‑


Group Project Proposal


AmistOsa Ag is working to protect biodiversity in southern Costa Rica by researching how farmers can benefit economically from wildlife-friendly practices. Many wildlife species in the Talamanca-Osa region are threatened by habitat fragmentation from agriculture and by a changing climate. These threats limit their ability to move throughout the region outside of its three protected parks. 

There are two corridors, including the recently established Amistosa Biological Corridor, linking La Amistad International Peace Park, Piedras Blancas National Park and Corcovado National Park. To reinforce connectivity in the Talamanca-Osa region, we are working with the Costa Rica-based non-profit, Osa Conservation, to complete the following objectives.

Evaluate the potential of eco-certifications to produce a net economic benefit to farmers in the Talamanca-Osa Region.

Support Osa Conservation and local farmers in decision-making by projecting shifts in crop suitability distributions considering the anticipated impacts of climate change.