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Employers & Partners

Does your organization need bright problem-solvers to tackle environmental challenges and help push forward your mission, projects, and goals? Are you looking to support environmental innovators, innovations, and data-driven research? Let’s collaborate!

Bren can connect you with approximately 200 current master’s and PhD students and talented alumni from 20+ cohorts who can contribute to your organization’s growth and success. 

Hundreds of businesses, organizations, and public agencies have partnered with the Bren School to recruit students and alumni, fill positions, and/or tackle environmental problems through Master’s Projects. We look forward to working with you!

Opportunities to partner with the Bren School include:

  • Recruit students and alumni that match your needs
  • Advertise your open positions/internships
  • Become a master's group project or capstone project client
  • Support Bren through fellowships and more
Three people pose together smiling

Bren alumni from three different cohorts, all of whom now work at Patagonia, attending the 2019 Master's Project Presentations as a project client.

The career team helped me land an incredible environmental position at Patagonia and has since helped me hire six Bren students as interns, two of which have become full-time employees.

Elissa Foster, Senior Manager of Product Responsibility (MESM 2005)

Advertise and Recruit for Your Positions

As Bren’s Career Development and Alumni Relations team, we distribute job and internship postings daily to the Bren community, and we are happy to connect you to talented environmental problem-solvers (approximately 200 master’s and PhD students and alumni from 20+ cohorts) who can contribute to your organization's growth and success.

Bren candidates are prepared to make an impact right away—bringing rigorous interdisciplinary training, practical problem-solving experience, and a variety of professional backgrounds, they are a good fit for diverse environmental positions, including those in the corporate, government, non-profit, research/education, and consulting sectors. 


For assistance recruiting students and/or alumni who might be a good fit for your needs, please reach out to us, the Career Development and Alumni Relations Team, at


We are happy to share opportunities that match well with Bren student and/or alumni backgrounds and offer excellent experience, including:

  • Full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs
  • Contract and project-based work
  • Summer internships and volunteer positions 
  • During-the-school-year internships and other positions

To submit a request to advertise a position,  please email us, the Career Development and Alumni Relations Team, at with the following information either in email form, as a PDF, or via a link to a web page:

  1. Brief Job/Internship Description: What will the student/graduate be doing? Where does the position take place?
  2. Hours: What hours are required and how flexible are you with hours/days?
  3. Length of Position: How many weeks will the student be working? Is the position full-time or part-time?
  4. Compensation: What and how are you paying that student/graduate (e.g. hourly, stipend, salary)?
  5. Requirements: What background or experience are you looking for?
  6. Organization Information: Please provide a link where the student/graduate can learn more about your organization and/or the position.
  7. How to Apply: How should the student/graduate apply? Please mention required documents (resume, cover letter, etc.), email address/contact person they should send their application materials to, and/or online application link if applicable.
  8. Contact Information: Is there someone the student/graduate should reach out to if they have questions?
  9. Deadline: Final application submission date

We value the Bren School for its academic and preparatory training that encourages both independent and collaborative projects based on thinking and communication. The Career Development team does such a great job getting students ready to enter the 'real' world and gives them the tools necessary to be successful on the job. I really enjoy coming out to meet with Bren students. I meet so many great candidates, that we always have a tough time determining who to hire.

— Persephene St. Charles, National Practice Leader for Water Resources, Woodard & Curran

Student discussing his poster with two people

Become a Master's Thesis Project Client

The Bren School invites any individual, business, government agency, NGO, or other organization addressing an environmental challenge to submit a proposal for a yearlong Master's Group Project or 6-month, environmental data science-focused Capstone Project. This is a valuable opportunity to have a group of talented master's students tackle the problem and make specific and meaningful recommendations to address it. It is also an excellent opportunity to establish a working relationship with the Bren School. 

Projects for the Master of Environmental Science and Management and Master of Environmental Data Science programs are data-driven and competently researched solutions to real-world environmental problems, whether it's analysis of a marine conservation program, or an eco-entrepreneurial venture that fills a market gap.

View RFP for MESM Master's Group Projects

The RFP for MEDS Capstone Projects will be announced shortly.

Support Bren Student Fellowships & Giving Opportunities

As a Bren School supporter, your impact is tangible. From our bright student fellows to the researchers who produce innovations in data-driven environmental research, the Bren community understands the value of your time and investment. Student fellowships secure a place at Bren for the brightest emerging environmental leaders who become alumni making a difference in the world. Support for our academic programs ensures that Bren continues to be a place of excellence for students and faculty alike.

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