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2020 MESM / Phd computing orientation

We have the following resources available if you missed the orientation or simply want to review the information covered:

Computing during COVID-19

Please read through the below sections to see computing at Bren has changed during COVID-19 as the shift to remote classes has prompted additional contact methods, services offered, and recommendations of best practices.

INCOMING MESM CLASS - what you need and what we have to loan:

Please review this knowledge base article on what computing equipment you might need for Fall 2020 remote instruction and what equipment we have for loan in the Santa Barbara area.  

Contacting the Compute Team:

We are holding office hours on Zoom  (for security, we have a waiting room enabled), Tuesday and Fridays from 2:30 - 3:30 pm PST - Join meeting 990-6519-1541 or click

Computing Labs and Personal Workstations

At this time the Bren building security system is in weekend mode and keycard access is required to enter the building. The GIS computing lab has been locked to aid remote instruction.

Computing Lab Remote Access

A number of GIS computing lab computers are available for remote desktop through a reservation process. Please contact us if you would like to learn how to reserve and connect to a GIS lab computer to use applications you might not have access to at home (ArcGIS, GaBi, etc.).

Equipment Loans to Support Remote Working / Education

The compute team has a limited supply of laptops, monitors, desktop workstations, webcams, USB headsets, etc. for loan. If you have a need for the equipment listed or additional items you think we may be able to help with please contact us. Request Form Link

Help with Providing On-Line Lectures

Bren has formed a team named "Pinnacles" to assist Faculty, TAs and students with remote instruction and learning.  Please join the GauchoSpace site for Pinnacles to review the material.

Remote Support

The compute team has a number of remote support options. Using remote support we can look at your computer screen with you to trouble shoot any computing problems you may encounter. If you submit a help request / email that would benefit from remote support we can provide a number of options to you (Zoom Session Remote Control, Splashtop SOS).

Accessing Bren Files Remotely

REEF is a web based file access service that will allow you to access your personal (H: drive) and lab files (S: drive). This services can be access through the website. Log-in with your Bren Desktop username and password, prefix your username with ESM\ (example: ESM\janedoe).

Bren Slack

Bren maintains a Slack workspace meant for faculty, staff, PhD students and Bren researchers. Bren Master's students have their own Slack workspaces but may be invited to this workspace as individual-channel members. For more information on how to join Slack, and how to use it please visit the Bren Slack Wiki.