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ESM 201

Ecology of Managed Ecosystems

David Tilman

Prerequisites: None

Units: 4


Principles of individual ecology, population ecology, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology. Emphasis on applications (conservation, resource management, ecological effects of pollution and habitat fragmentation, etc.).

ESM 201 Waiver Process

Students wishing to waive ESM 201 must pass a written 1-hour examination that tests the student’s knowledge of some basic terms, theory and models in applied ecology. The exam is administered in the quarter preceding the quarter in which ESM 201 is to be taken. The professor will send out an announcement over email about the date and time of the test.

If the professor approves a waiver, the student must submit a complete Bren School petition signed by the professor to the Student Affairs Coordinator. The student does not earn units for a waived class.

If a waiver is not approved the student will be required to take the course. The student has the right to appeal the decision to the MESM Program Committee for review.

Course Syllabus: Winter 2024


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