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ESM 202

Environmental Biogeochemistry

Arturo Keller

Prerequisites: Introductory Chemistry. ESM 203 is strongly recommended.

Units: 4


Biogeochemical processes as applied to the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, land, and inland waters, and applications to environmental issues such as eutrophication, toxic pollution, carbon sequestration, and acidification.

ESM 202 Waiver Process

To get a waiver from ESM 202, a student needs to do two things. First, the student must provide the instructor with his transcript and the syllabi from the previous courses, so that the instructor may determine whether the student has had exposure to the relevant material. Second, the student must complete one of the midterm or final exams from a prior year’s class, which will be provided by the instructor. The student must achieve a score of at least 85% on the exam to be able to waive the class.

If the professor approves a waiver, the student must submit a completed Bren School petition signed by the professor to the Student Affairs Coordinator. The student does not earn units for a waived class.

If a waiver is not approved the student will be required to take the course. The student has the right to appeal the decision to the MESM Program Committee for review.

Course Syllabus: Winter 2024


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