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ESM 204

Economics of Environmental Management

Tamma Carleton

Prerequisites: None

Units: 4


Environmental regulation (incentives, command, and control), asymmetric information (cost revelation and auditing), regulatory incidence, dynamics and discounting, exhaustible and renewable resources, valuation, environmental macroeconomics, trade and the environment, and comparative regulatory analysis.

ESM 204 Waiver Process

Students may be exempt from taking 204 if they have taken an appropriate upper-level undergraduate environmental economics class or majored in economics as an undergraduate.

To obtain a waiver from ESM 204, a student needs to do two things. First, the student must provide the instructor with their transcript and, if applicable, the syllabus from a previous relevant course, so that the instructor may determine whether the student has had exposure to the relevant material. If the background is deemed sufficient, the student will need to complete a written exam on their previous coursework.

If the professor approves a waiver, the student must submit a completed Bren School petition signed by the professor to the Student Affairs Coordinator. The student does not earn units for a waived class.

If a waiver is not approved the student will be required to take the course. The student has the right to appeal the decision to the Master's Curriculum Committee for review.

Course Syllabus: Spring 2024


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