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ESM 437

Writing Skills for Environmental Professionals


Prerequisites: None

Units: 4


This course will provide you the skills to write effectively across academic and applied genres in the environmental sciences. A focus on writing mechanics and the principles of good scientific and analytical writing will help you de-clutter and streamline your work. We’ll review the importance of thesis, audience, tone, organization and structure, document design, and citations. We will also cover writing styles and formats you’ll likely encounter in your career, such as research and project proposals, evaluations and data summaries, policy analyses, writing for the public, and professional correspondence. You will practice “two kinds of thinking” essential to effective writing: free-form and creative brainstorming, followed by critical assessment and revision of your work. Classes will include lectures, discussions, in-class activities, and peer review workshops.This class is also designed to help nonnative English speakers improve accuracy and fluency in academic and applied writing in the environmental sciences; it is strongly encouraged for all incoming international students.

Course Syllabus: TBD


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