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Allison Horst Wins UCSB Distinguished Teaching Award

Horst recognized for creativity and excellence in teaching data science

Apr 19 2019

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Data science and statistics instructor Allison Horst was recognized with a 2019 Distinguished Teaching Award by the UCSB Academic Senate. She is among 13 faculty members and graduate students to receive this honor.

The Distinguished Teaching Award "acknowledges the efforts of faculty members who have successfully united excellence in teaching with excellence in creative and scholarly work." Creative, excellent, and scholarly are ways in which many graduate students have described Allison Horst's style in teaching statistics and data analysis.

Allison Horst, also a Bren School PhD alumna, has been teaching data analysis, statistics, and presentation skills at the Bren School. She also teaches introductory and refresher workshops in R for incoming graduate students and alumni. She is a co-founder of R-Ladies Santa Barbara and the #tidytuesday coding club at UCSB. She is also the recipient of the 2018 Bren School Distinguished Teaching Award.

Check out Allison Horst's Course & Workshop Materials on Github

Read posts on her blog about data analysis, science communication, and R at

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