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Abby Celentano

Pronouns: she/her

Abby Celentano graduated from Purdue University in 2022 with a B.A in Environmental Science and a minor in Environmental Policy. Initially as a biology major, Abby decided to change the trajectory of her path during her sophomore year once she realized the love she had for nature and the work that still needed to be done within the environmental field. Switching her major ended up being a very impactful change in her college career and led her to many leadership positions for promoting sustainable agriculture. She served as a liaison for AgriNovus Indiana to network with various universities about the opportunities students have within the agbioscience sector. Currently, she works a remote consulting job for an environmental career coach and helps widen the reach of environmental job opportunities in America for students and career changers across the world. Her various experience in outreach and communication led her to the Bren school in hopes of pursuing the Corporate Environmental Management specialization with an Eco-E focus or Communications focus. She hopes to build on her networking skills and help create a business industry that prioritizes sustainable practices, ultimately improving urban sustainability through environmentally and socially equitable efforts.


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