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Alex Gaynor

Alex Gaynor graduated from Northern Arizona University (2014) Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Environmental Studies, and a minor in Photography. Alex started skiing in the womb, began instructing at 16, and became a professional Ski Patroller at Squaw Valley in 2017. At Squaw, he learned the intricacies of snow science, teamwork in life or death scenarios, and how delicate the balance of ecology is. This reverence for deep wilderness motivates Alex to seek out and develop systems solutions to climate change. At NAU, Alex founded the Better World Film Series with the Office of Sustainability showcasing timely environmental documentaries to thousands of students. Following graduation he stayed on as an Americorp researcher to optimize campus-wide waste streams. In 2015 Alex co-founded Tidal Vision, which innovates waste from the sustainable Alaskan fishing industry to displace synthetic chemicals on industrial scales. Working collaboratively in the fast-paced startup, he built the brand’s media and design assets as well as strategized key products. Alex is at the Bren School to retool and research opportunities within existing waste streams through the Pollution Prevention and Remediation focus. His goal is a non-extractive future, for which he seeks industrial innovation and systems redesign.

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