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Alexandra Setmajer

Pronouns: she/her

Alex Setmajer is pursuing a career addressing the complex climate, health and social impacts of apparel and consumer products throughout their life cycle. Her passion for solving these issues sparked in 2012 when she moved back to the US from Australia, focusing on replacing items with sustainable products. This exercise revealed how little transparency was available about products' ingredients, supply chain practices and environmental footprints.
 For the past eight years, Alex has consulted a wide range of clients on building product health and sustainability, product embodied carbon, corporate sustainability policy development and implementation, and sustainability certifications. She has spoken about her work at local, national and international conferences. Alex holds two undergraduate degrees: a Bachelor of Architectural Design emphasizing passive environmental design from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia (2012) and a Bachelor of Arts emphasizing resource management and communications from Portland State University (2020). 
 At the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Alex is pursuing the Master of Environmental Science & Management with the Corporate Environmental Management Specialization and Strategic Communications Focus. She intends to combine her previous work experience and Masters education to eliminate products’ environmental and social impacts in their supply chains and throughout the product life cycle.

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