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Alexandria Wilkins

Alexandria Wilkins graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences in 2013. Working in environmental and outdoor education, Alexandria served two AmeriCorps terms in Massachusetts and Montana. Her involvement with environmental non-profits emphasized educational objectives focused on developing the appreciation of the natural world and sciences. This experience led Alexandria to the realization that she has much more that she would like to contribute to the environmental sciences and society. Recalling her undergraduate studies, one water resource policy course made an impression that lasted years. The combination of history, policy, and science seemed to create the perfect storytelling cocktail that captured her lasting interest. Alexandria will channel this interest in water resources, water science, and history into her studies at Bren. Ideally, combining the importance of clean water as a basic human right and the economic and political challenges of today to solve environmental inequities. She is excited about sharpening her communication and collaboration skills through the addition of the Strategic Environmental Communication and Media focus to her studies.

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