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Alicia Fennell

Alicia Fennell graduated magna cum laude from UC Santa Cruz in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. As an undergraduate, she studied natural history, sustainable agroecology, and environmental interpretation. These courses strengthened Alicia’s love and appreciation of the outdoors and instilled a desire to share her passion with others. This led to her work in outdoor education. Alicia spent the next five years working for various organizations, where her roles included directing a garden-based summer camp, leading language and service trips for teenagers in Ecuador, and teaching natural history and ecology to California students. Though rewarding, this work focused mainly on community and individual environmental impacts. Alicia now feels ready to broaden her lens and examine environmental issues and solutions from new perspectives; in particular, she wants to explore the interplay between large-scale policy change and small-scale individual and consumer action. At Bren, Alicia plans to specialize in Energy and Climate, with a focus in Strategic Environmental Communication and Media. 

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