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Alison Sells

Alison Sells graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Management and Protection. She also earned minors in Water Science and Sustainable Environments, and became well versed in the history of the United States’ water systems and urban sustainability efforts.  Throughout her undergraduate career, Alison volunteered with Sprout Up, an environmental nonprofit organization.  Through Sprout Up, Alison taught elementary students about the foundations of environmental science in hopes of cultivating a lifelong passion for environmental stewardship. On campus, Alison educated students on sustainable practices through her time as a member of the school’s Eco Reps and Zero Waste organizations. In 2018, She also developed a passion for diversity when she became a member of  Cal Poly SLO’s nationally recognized New Student and Transitions Program. For three years, Alison was instrumental in training the orientation leaders including facilitating discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion. These experiences gave Alison a first-hand look at how crucial it is for environmental policies to be effectively communicated and include all stakeholders in the process to maintain and improve the well-being of entire communities. At Bren, she specializes in Economics and Politics of the Environment, with a focus in Strategic Environmental Communication. She hopes to focus on environmental justice and is driven to help give a voice to marginalized communities traditionally excluded from the policy-making process.  

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