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Andrew Palacios

Pronouns: he/him

Andrew Palacios graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2023, earning dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Zoology and Psychological & Brain Sciences. His academic achievements are complemented by hands-on research experience with the Mazer Lab of Plant Ecology and Evolution. He delved into the intricate world of plant-pollinator ecology, with a focus on the native California wildflower baby blue eyes. Andrew’s research assessed this wildflower’s vulnerability to temporal mismatches with its pollinators. This led him to curating a comprehensive collection of floral visitors of baby blue eyes. It was during this research that Andrew's passion for environmental science truly took root. Witnessing the vulnerability of wildflowers to the impacts of climate change ignited his determination to dedicate himself to the field of environmental science.

Beyond the laboratory, Andrew held roles as a Stream Team Intern and MPA Watch Intern for Santa Barbara Channelkeeper. He conducted water quality monitoring for local streams, aided pollution prevention initiatives, and monitored marine protected areas for ocean restoration insights. As Andrew continues his journey, specializing in conservation planning, he's poised to leverage his laboratory skills and field experience to make a meaningful impact in conservation efforts.

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