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Anna Zauner

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Anna Zauner graduated magna cum laude from The College of New Jersey in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. During her undergraduate career, she researched biological invasion by non-native plant species using multifactorial processes to observe their impacts on the resident plant herb layer. Her interest in environmental issues expanded during her time in the Peace Corps where she saw the effects of climate change firsthand, disproportionally affecting vulnerable populations in rural Guatemala. There she collaborated with environmental committees to develop the first climate change curriculum for the school district. Her commitment to serving communities continued with AmeriCorps in Sitka, Alaska, where she was an active member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, publishing monthly articles illuminating relevant environmental issues. As a member of Sitka’s Climate Change Task Force, she worked with government officials, NGOs, and local businesses to transition public transportation to electrical power. In this role, her passion developed for solving environmental issues through large-scale, systemic change. Specializing in Corporate Environmental Management at Bren, Anna aims to bridge the disconnect between economic growth and environmentalism.

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