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Annaliese (Annie) Adams

Pronouns: she/her

Annaliese (Annie) Adams graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara(UCSB) in 2022, majoring in Statistics and Data Science, and minoring in Feminist Studies. In her senior capstone class, Annie worked on a project with the Energy and Environmental Transitions Lab (ENVENT) at UCSB, analyzing how different demographics are differentially predictive of one’s opinion on climate change. This project, in comparison with other industry based projects, made Annie realize that she wants to enter the field of environmental data science. She spent the following year working with California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI), using science communication to inform coastal communities on how different environmental phenomena, such as hypoxia, threaten their home ecosystems. Annie thoroughly enjoyed working with environmental data, and felt as though she was making a difference and being an advocate for a place that she loves to frequent – the outdoors. After studying how different demographics influence climate change opinions, Annie hopes to study the reverse in her career – how climate change differentially affects different populations, and what we can do to change this. Upon graduating from the Masters of Environmental Data Science program at UCSB in June of 2024, Annie plans to find a job that combines her passion for environmental justice with data science/analysis.

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