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Anthony Luna

Anthony Luna is interested in the intersection of food systems, public health, and environmental health. Following graduation from the University of Kent in 2014 with a BSc in Mathematics, Anthony returned home to work at his family’s grocery store. This experience introduced him to the current state of food systems and how they can impact the health of lower-income communities. As a result, he was inspired join COPE Health Solutions as a unit volunteer. He became a program leader which allowed him to coordinate of quality of care assessments and support training intensives. Anthony was then promoted as a Data Analyst, where he worked with health systems in New York City to improve contracting strategy and manage inpatient costs. Anthony decided to leave this role to focus on other, more tangible aspects of patient health including community engagement, preventative care, and food access. He is now a Staff Researcher at the University of California Cooperative Extension supporting agriculture research.  At the Bren School, Anthony is specializing in the Economics and Politics of the Environment. He hopes to develop processes and policies which incentivize food systems which are healthier for people and the planet. 

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