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Carlos Simms

Carlos Simms completed both his undergraduate degree in environmental science and his academic certification in climate change from The University of Idaho in December 2019. During his undergraduate career, Carlos volunteered in a campus solar project that saw the installation of a solar array at The University of Idaho. This ignited his interest within renewable energy, where Carlos then decided to research the social precedence of solar technology in the United States for his undergraduate thesis. He was concurrently accepted into the prestigious Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program, where Carlos was awarded a grant to conduct his undergraduate thesis. After researching the realm of solar energy and exploring a host of issues relating to the topic, Carlos was determined and excited to come to the Bren School to specialize in Energy and Climate. Carlos sees himself eventually working in the renewable energy industry and hopes to further his grasp on the technical skills that are necessary to make such a dream a reality while at the Bren School. Prospectively, he wants to either be employed at an energy company using GIS, climate models, and related data to assess potential renewable energy sites, or he wants to start and build his own energy infrastructure consultation company.

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