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Claire Meuter

Pronouns: she/her

Claire Meuter graduated from California Lutheran University (2020) with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. During undergraduate, Claire received funding to travel to Eastern Amazonia, Brazil to study wild squirrel monkeys during the summer. While Claire was studying behavioral interactions between the monkeys, she found herself concerned by the various environmental issues threatening the rainforest. She also became immersed in the local culture in the village and gained understanding about economic issues facing the villagers. After graduation, Claire worked as a utility forester in the energy sector, and gained even more perspective on the fragile connection between humans and our environment. Both experiences encouraged her to pursue her Master’s in Environmental Science, so she could better address issues of conservation and human wellbeing. At the Bren School, Claire is a MESM student specializing in conservation planning, with a focus in communication. Claire hopes to connect human communities with their natural environment to make conservation efforts beneficial to all.

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