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Dana Cohen-Kaplan

Pronouns: he/him

Dana graduated from Bates College (2016) with a B.S. in Geology. He wrote his undergraduate thesis on methane emissions in human-altered salt marshes as part of a larger effort to quantify coastal carbon sinks. In his spare time, he led trips with the Bates Outing Club, exploring the forested public lands of Northern New England.

After graduating, he pursued place-based work experiences, taking on roles as park ranger, environmental educator, ski instructor, and ranch hand throughout the western US and abroad. Through his work and travel, he became interested in different types of land usage and their impacts, and aware of the complexity of implementing effective and equitable environmental solutions.

Prior to arriving at Bren, Dana worked in the remediation and environmental compliance field where he became experienced in project management and stakeholder engagement. His passion for stewardship and commitment to sensible management solutions have led him to the Bren school, where he studies conservation and corporate sustainability. After Bren, he hopes to design and execute projects on sustainably managed, multi-use forest lands.

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