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David Parker

Dave Parker

Director of Career Development and Alumni Relations

Career Development & Alumni Relations

Bren Hall 2520


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Role at Bren: Dave oversees career development, alumni affairs, and employer relations for the Bren School, including job placement, internship and job development, career advising and training, and professional development. In this role, Dave guides overall career program development, leads career workshops, and provides individual career advising to students and alumni. As a member of Bren’s Senior Management Team and the student-led Dean’s Advisory Councils, Dave also plays a key role in contributing to school-wide program development and strategic planning.

Professional Background: Dave has directed career development and alumni relations at Bren since its founding and has 25+ years of experience in the human resources and career development fields. Having worked directly with every Bren graduating class, Dave has extensive connections to Bren alumni and employers in the environmental field.

Dave’s prior experience includes roles as an employment manager, corporate trainer, career counselor, college recruiter, and organizational development consultant. He has worked for small, medium, and large organizations, including Fortune 50 companies, and he has completed consulting projects with large telecommunication companies, airlines, and banks.

In addition to degrees in economics, business administration, and counseling and guidance, Dave has specialized training and expertise in interviewing, resume design, sales and marketing, salary negotiations, job search strategies, management, and networking. He also has certifications in behavioral interviewing, human resources development, and total quality management.

Dave has been an active member of the Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) since 2002, including serving as Vice President on the Channel Counties Chapter Board for 16 years. He was also president and vice president of the Personnel and Employee Relations Management Association when he managed the employment unit for the Southern California region of Allstate Insurance. Previously, his customer service approach to his work at Bren earned him the prestigious UCSB Staff Citation of Excellence Award.

Education: BA in Economics, magna cum laude, from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB); MBA from California State University, Long Beach; MS in Counseling and Guidance from California Lutheran University

Favorite Aspect of Bren/Why You Work at Bren: With my interest and background in business, economics, energy, environmental science, political science, law, and art, the Bren School was a perfect match for me. When the Bren School assistant dean reached out and encouraged me to join the school back in 1998 to start the Career Development Program, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. And I can’t think of a better place to be. You will not find a more collaborative, caring, and enjoyable environment anywhere. The faculty are amazing and approachable, the students are fun and talented, the alumni are impressive and engaged, and all the staff are incredibly dedicated and committed to providing a high level of service. I have been in contact with all the students in the program, and I stay in contact with many of them. I enjoy helping students and alumni develop professionally, and I love watching Bren students enter the workplace, shine in their jobs, and help make the world a better place.

Personal Interests: As a former UCSB tennis player, I am an avid UCSB sports fan and like to support the UCSB soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, and softball teams. When I am not working at the Bren School, I enjoy writing, taking photographs, visiting art galleries and museums, collecting art, paddle boarding, traveling, running with my dog Milo, and spending time with my family and friends.

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