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Diana Navarro

Pronouns: she/her

Diana’s interest in environmental data science began during her undergraduate career at UC Irvine. Following nearly a year of immersing herself in the fundamentals of environmental programming and learning Python, her fascination in data-driven approaches grew. As an undergraduate, she also became a member of a marine biogeochemical laboratory, where her focus lay in investigating the significance of microplastics within the ocean and their effects on zooplankton. After graduating with her degree in Earth System Science, she joined a consulting firm as an environmental scientist. During her time in the industry, she focused on water quality sampling and storm water research in Los Angeles County. Engaging deeply with both raw data and chemistry, she examined the effects of specific bacteria and metals, leading to a broader interest in pursuing the impact of watershed management and its connection between realizing how data science could process . She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Environmental Data Science, where she hopes to bridge the gap between data and technology to make it more accessible toward all communities.

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