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Elliott Finn

headshot of Elliott Finn

PhD Student

Bren Hall 3017

BS Environmental Economics, Policy and Management, Oregon State University

The armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in rural Oregon brought public land management conflict into the media spotlight. Elliott is particularly interested in the underlying causes of land and natural resource conflict. Investigating the complexities of both management and policy conflict along with collaborative efforts to ameliorate each can mitigate future conflict. Land management and natural resource conflict is inherently tied to race, economic justice, civil and human rights, and political engagement. Elliott studies the intersections between policy and policymakers, local organizations, and individuals. Who controls the resources and makes land management or policy decisions, and how are benefits through use, non-use, or extraction distributed? As an undergraduate Elliott investigated the connections between individuals’ outdoor recreation participation, place of residence, and environmental worldviews. For the last three years, Elliott worked and traveled throughout Europe and South America, most extensively in Turkey and Colombia. When not in the office Elliott can be found hiking and backpacking across the public lands he enjoys studying.

Year Admitted

Research Areas
Investigating interactions between legislators and grassroots ecosystem management organizations through environmental politics, public policy and collaborative management

Faculty Advisor
Sarah Anderson (Social Science Group)

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