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Elliott Matthews

Being prepared in the right place, at the right time, and giving max effort lead Elliott Matthews to graduate the Virginia Military Institute in 2014 as a Distinguished Graduate with Institute Honors, a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy and earn a commission as a United States Submarine Officer. He chose to pursue this commission not only to serve his country, but also for the love of the sea he developed during his youth in Southeastern North Carolina. From day one, he knew submarines would push his limits and he welcomed the challenge; however, he was unaware of how his travel across oceans would impact his perspective. Elliott spent the majority of his time learning nuclear theory, managing divisions of sailors, and leading watchteams to complete tactical missions, but occasionally was granted the reprieve of a port call. It disturbed him that regardless of the port, he found plastic floating alongside the pier and littering beaches. Over time, the gravity of humanity’s plastic problem and the health of Earth’s oceans weighed on Elliott, manifesting action. He now studies at Bren, seeking the tools to solve an environmental issue effort alone will not curb. 

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