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Emily Pelstring

Pronouns: she/her

Emily Pelstring graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. During her undergraduate career, she pursued a pre-medical path, but quickly felt compelled to delve further into environmental science as her studies progressed. Throughout her time, she immersed herself in hands-on classes, developing an understanding of the intricacies of various ecosystems and growing sustainable avenues. During her senior year, she collaboratively designed a potential transition of an industrial land plot along Ballona Creek to a community green space, incorporating native fauna and permeable pavement to foster an urban ecosystem. Following graduation, she worked as a Research Assistant for Resolution Economics LLC, an economics consulting group, familiarizing herself with the structure and function of the firm. At the Bren school, Emily is specializing in both corporate environmental management, and economics, politics and the environment. She looks forward to combining her ecological undergraduate education with policy expertise to serve as an informed advisor to stakeholders in the sustainability field.

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