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Emma Friedl

Emma Friedl graduated magna cum laude from UCLA in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. While Emma spent her first two years studying Business Economics, her goals shifted after taking a climate change class illustrating the urgency of the environmental crisis. This led her to pursue positions conducting research on soil-root interactions in a UCLA lab and analyzing the benefits of regenerative agriculture with the nonprofit Kiss the Ground. Emma also worked with entertainment companies to improve their day-to-day office sustainability and on-set practices as an intern with Good Planet Innovation. There, she coordinated large-scale sustainability efforts at events like the 60,000 person Global Citizen Festival, greatly reducing the event’s environmental footprint and creating a comprehensive sustainability report. At the Bren School, Emma aims to connect her interests in business and economics with a commitment to the natural environment. With specializations in Corporate Environmental Management and Energy and Climate, she plans to work with corporations to reduce their carbon emissions and waste production. Her goal is to develop sustainability plans for large organizations to better align economic and environmental interests.

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