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Emma Tao

Student headshot

MESM 2025

Pronouns: she/her

Emma graduated in 2023 from Scripps College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organismal Biology. She was selected as part of the EnviroLab Asia student fellowship to travel to Singapore with other student fellows to study the response of mangrove endophytic fungi to changing levels of salinity at Yale-NUS. As part of her senior thesis, she analyzed the microbial population of canal water in Bangkok, Thailand and their relationship to the surrounding environment to better understand potential entryways into the water and future steps for remediation. From her research experiences, Emma noticed the lack of academic papers focusing on environmental studies conducted in countries outside North America and Europe. At Bren, Emma plans to specialize in Conservation Planning with a Strategic Environmental Communication and Media focus. Her goal is to conduct research on conserving the biodiversity of underrepresented regions in collaboration with local scientists, as well as to educate the public on the global interconnectedness of nature and the impacts of humans on it. Emma hopes to bridge the gap in environmental science education by making information easier to access and understand.

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